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Where the songs are made up and the scripts dont matter

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Your name is FEFERI PIEXES and you have NEVER BEEN SO —EXCIT—ED.

You’ve called all your friends to the park for an important announcement. Unfortunately, one of those friends doesn’t seem as thrilled as you are.

"W)(at’s wrong -Eridan?"

"wwhat if they dont like me"

"Aww, of course t)(ey’ll like you."

"but wwhat if they dont? this has happened before and i dont wwant to go through it again"

"Trust me! T)(ese are t)(e kindest people I know. -EXC-EPT for t)(e spider one, s)(e’s kind of a beac)(. But s)(e’s like t)(at to everyone, so it’s okay!"

"you sure"


He seemed reassured, so you let the topic drop. It didn’t take long for your friends to start arriving.

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